Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hobnail HEAVEN!

Make sure to check out my UNO card Birthday Centerpiece  on Paisley Passions today, as well as my Lace Halloween Wreath on C.R.A.F.T., my Eat Drink and Be Scary printable at A Few of My Favorite Things, and my Headband-that-was-a-Handbag on The Train to Crazy. There is so much inspiration to be gleaned from browsing around these awesome blogs!

So I've mentioned I love damask. And I also love toile. And the color pink. And quatrefoil. And tiny dogs (digressing now...) but I REALLY LOVE hobnail milkglass. Love it love it love it. Might possibly want to marry it if Dave hadn't just made me lunch and also helped clean the house on his lunch break. (Seriously. Whatta guy.) So you can imagine my rapture when in the space of one week I found two hobby nobby hobnail lovelies at two different thrift stores!!!

The first was a vase. A gorgeous 12-inch hobnail milkglass vase for just $2.99! *Insert romantic sigh*

The next was a hobnail mirror, so lovely in its oval-iness, so pretty with its nubbly nobs!

I bought it thinking I would put it in the baby's vintage-themed nursery, but once I got it home I wanted it out in the open where I could stare at it all the time! So it found its home above an antique ice-box that has been in Dave's family for generations. Perfect spot!


  1. Jessica,

    Was wondering what some of your favorite thrift stores are in the Portland area?

  2. I JUST bought the same mirror (had no idea it had such a name) at a yard sale in Coeur d'alene. It isn't up yet, but right now it is holding sophie's bows.

  3. How funny that we bought it at the same time!!! Send me a picture of where you put it after it's up! :)

  4. Ohhh, those are so pretty, I can't decide if I want them in my own place or not(milkglass). They are pretty and they're ALWAYS in the thrift shops here. Thanks for sharing, I like your site!

  5. I've never seen a mirror like that! I like the nobby milk glass too. I think it reminds me of my grandmother - she always had pieces of it. Love the mirror.

  6. Love love love the milkglass. That mirror is to die for. I'll be watching for one from now on.

    Thank you for the freebie print out. Love it