Monday, October 4, 2010

Bakerella Comes to Portland!!

The wonderful ladies of Under the Table and Dreaming,   Lil' Luna,   and The Crafter's File Box are each featuring my Eat, Drink And Be Scary Printable today, so go check out these three awesome blogs and leave some love notes!! And tomorrow it's being featured on One Pretty Thing's Halloween Roundup, so click on over there too for some Halloween inspiration!

I absolutely love the yummy Bakerella blog, full of recipes and tricks, creative baking inspiration, and delicious eye candy. I am fascinated by how Bakerella (Angie) can turn a cake pop into any character or shape she desires, with the cutest results you've ever seen. So I was thrilled to hear that on the book tour for her new book Cake Pops, there was a stop in Portland, ten minutes away from me, scheduled for today!

It was perhaps not my smartest moment when I decided to take a thirteen-month-old walking climbing running falling screeching squirming tornado-of-a-toddler along with me, but I couldn't go if she couldn't, so I decided to brave it! Luckily, we got there pretty late and only had to wait about an hour, during which time Annalise cried and screeched and writhed and ran away and fell down and cried and attempted to escape approximately three million and eight times. STRESS. But in the end we got to meet the famous Bakerella, have her sign our copy of the book, and get a nice picture of the three of us together.

In this picture, I am thinking: I forgot to brush my hair! Where did the baby's headband go? Should I take the lens cap out of her mouth?

Annalise is thinking: Touch my lens cap and you die.  


  1. cute picture! so excited that you got to meet her. i have to wait until october 23rd and that's only if my fiance will be up for it.

  2. It was exciting! Hopefully your fiance will be up for it! It was my first book signing and I'm so glad I went!

  3. So cool you got to meet her... isn't she awesome?! Also, if you're ever up for a blog swap let me know. I love your style!!

  4. Thank you for your "Keep Calm and Be Scary." I love it! I also think "Keep Carm and Scary on is very clever. I am going to be following you on Google Reader. If i follow here, you will get my daughter :-( We share a blog and that's the only way it works!!!