Monday, November 29, 2010

'Keep Calm and CAROL On' printable!

I have received a ton of great ideas regarding different 'Keep Calm and Carry On' versions that people have thought up. One that popped up a lot (includng by a nine-year-old who was inspired when her mom printed out my Thanksgiving versions!) was 'Keep Calm and Carol On'! LOVE it! 'Carol' sounds like 'Carry'! Keep Calm and CAROL On! Perfect-o!!

(If there a personalized version you would like to have made, with your own words, colors, or sizes, email me at and I can make it for you! 'Keep Calm' printables are $5 each and I can invoice you directly through PayPal.)

Yay! I have my three frames filled for Christmas now!

This printable is available for $5.00; if you would like it, please email me at and I can invoice you directly through PayPal. Then you have to send me a picture of how it looks in your house! :)

'Keep Calm and Merry On' printable available HERE.

'Wise Men Still Seek Him' printable available HERE.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guest-Posting at Under the Table and Dreaming!

I am so excited to be a part of the 6 Days of 24 Ornaments event going on at Under the Table and Dreaming! I ADORE that blog and Stephanie Lynn is an absolute sweetheart. Today I am sharing a tutorial for Pasta Angels!

Click on over there to check it out!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Wise Men Still Seek Him' printable

The time has come to switch out the three frames above my dining room table. It's time for the Christmas versions of the 'Keep Calm' posters! Here is the second installment! (Find the first one here and the third one here.)

(This picture doesn't do justice to the printable's background color, which comes out a delightful shade of metallicy-looking gold on my home printer.)

This printable is available for $5.00; if you would like it, please email me at and I can invoice you directly through PayPal. Then you have to send me a picture of how it looks in your house! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Version of 'Keep Calm" Printable

First, of course, there was 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Then for Halloween there was 'Keep Calm and SCARY On'. For Thanksgiving there was 'Keep Calm and CranBERRY On'. I sure love a good rhyme, so what would Christmas be without 'Keep Calm and MERRY On'?!

Thanksgiving's not even here yet but I can't wait any longer!

This printable is available for $5.00; if you would like it, please email me at and I can invoice you directly through PayPal. Then you have to send me a picture of how it looks in your house! :)

'Wise Men Still Seek Him' printable available HERE. 'Keep Calm and CAROL On' printable available HERE.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

My go-to treat in October is Witch Hat cookies. In November, it's Pilgrim-Hat cookies!

I first saw this idea a few years ago at Woman's Day. So quick, so simple, so easy! Right up my alley. The ladies I visit teach don't get many treats or baked goods (trust me- it's better that way) but when November rolls around, I can always be counted on to plop a candy on a cookie and call it good!

The only problem is that apparently I was unaware of how tall my little toddler has gotten. After I made three plates full, I turned my back to transfer the first plate from the table to the counter and there was a CRASH! Annalise had reached her newly long-enough arm up and swiped a plate of them down!

As I gasped she grabbed as many as she could hold,

stuffed them in her mouth,

and was very pleased about it.

LUCKILY they were easy to re-do. :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaded Turkeys

I enjoyed making my Beaded Spiders for Halloween so much that though I am by no means a beader, I perused the bead section of my local Michael's (exactly 1.5 miles from my house and like unto a second home to me) to see if any inspiration felt like knocking on the door of my brain. And it did! All bought on sale for 50% off, these four bead strands...

...turned into a flock of these!

And you'll notice that some gold wire is pictured in the first photograph. That is because I thought I would be using wire. Alas. After a good solid go at it though, the picture in my head just would not be achieved when wire was involved. We had an ugly wiry mess. So I nixed the wire completely in favor of my trusty glue gun. Triumph! This little turkey is like my Pinocchio- I can just hear him singing, "I've got no strings to tie me down..."! :)

For Tom the Turkey's head and body, I glued two sizes of brown glass pearls to each other, the bottom pearl with its holes on the top and bottom, and the top pearl with its hole pointing out. This way their holes would get covered up by other beads.

I hot-glued a yellow "beak" bead over the hole on the front of the face (doesn't it look like he's squawking with an open mouth??) and the wiggly-shaped red bead next to it for the dangly red thing they have on their faces.

Using the same yellow beads as for the beak, I glued two underneath the body bead, for Tom's feet.

For the tail, I glued five red beads together with their holes touching.

Then I glued it to the back of the large brown bead.

And that was it! Once I figured out what to do, it took maybe two minutes per turkey to complete. And crafts like THAT are something we can all be thankful for! :)

I made these thinking I would use them to decorate napkin rings, but plans have changed and since I won't be hosting Thanksgiving dinner anymore, it's a good thing these little cuties are so versatile! They perch well on a mantel,

make a fun Christmas ornament,

and look great on your lapel when you glue them to a pin-back!

Annalise took a two and a half hour nap yesterday (unprecedented!) which allowed me to make these. Just another thing to remember to be grateful for. :)



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winner of Say It On the Wall Giveaway!

It was so fun to do a giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered! Say It On the Wall's vinyl is so cute and I'm excited to announce the winner!! picked #5!

Congratulations to Carol from The Answer is Chocolate! Yay! I'm excited to see what you buy with your gift certificate!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Faux-Burlap Thanksgiving Printable

When I saw Domestically Speaking's Burlap Laundry-Definition Sign I fell. in. love. She printed from her printer right onto her burlap! And then framed it! Genius! I planned to go right out and get some burlap so I could print my own definition onto it. But...I haven't done it yet. I still plan to. In the meantime though I have big burlap dreams but no burlap. But that can't stop me! And thus the Faux-Burlap Thanksgiving-definition printable was born.

What I was especially cognizant of was that I didn't just want to type regular text over the digital burlap background, since that wouldn't look realistic at all. I wanted a type-writer-looking font that looked distressed and shabby, the way text would really look if you printed it on such a coarse surface. And I struck gold. Seriously, how great is this text?! It's perfect!

Funny side-note: As I went to Domestically Speaking's website to get the link to give her credit, I found that she had created another burlap sign, this time with the definition of Thanksgiving, the same as I had! Great minds think alike!!

If you need some festive 'burlap' in your home as well, please visit my shop!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Christmas Present' Frame

In case you missed my guest-post at A Little Lovely the other day, here it is! For less than $2.00/apiece you can make a pretty little frame for your friends that still looks like it belongs under the tree even after it's unwrapped!

These are a great gift because they are so easy, fun, and CHEAP! The main ingredients are one unfinished wooden frame from Michael's ($1.00), a scrap of Christmas wrapping paper, a bow, and some craft paint.

And one of my favorite things: MOD PODGE! There's not a thing in the world I haven't thought about Mod Podging. :)

And if you're like me, you already have most of this stuff around the house anyway! First paint the sides of the frame and the inside ledges. Don't worry about making it perfect! The front will all get covered up anyway. I used acrylic paint that's less than a dollar a bottle.

Roughly cut out the shape of the frame from the wrapping paper. You can see here that my cutting job was VERY rough. :) It doesn't matter though because we'll just file the excess away later.

Spread a very thing layer of Mod Podge on the frame and place the wrapping paper on top of it. Smooth away the bubbles and ripples that will apear as best you can. Let it dry for a bit and then take a sanding block (or in my case what was handy was an emory board) and file downward on the edges at a 45-degree angle. The paper will be sluffed right off and you'll have a perfectly-fitting design on your wood.

Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the wrapping paper. Doing it in this order helps lessen the ripples and rumples in the paper. Print out a festive message to put inside the frame,

and hot glue a bow in the corner. That's it! A perfect little frame that looks like it could be a gift under your tree! These would be ideal for your friends to put their yearly family Christmas picture in!

Don't forget to check out and enter my Say It On the Wall vinyl giveaway, going on now!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First Giveaway!


I'm so excited to be able to host a giveaway for some FABULOUS vinyl from Say It On the Wall. (If only I could win it myself! I am vinyl-less! Darn that missing Cricut cord!!!) Laura has some really cute designs. There are Thanksgiving-themed designs,

Christmas-themed ones,

and great ones for every day.

I love this faux-missionary-tag design.

There is tons of great stuff to choose from, and Laura is giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to a follower of Craftily Ever After! (If you are not a follower yet, click the follow button in the right sidebar!) There are three ways for followers to enter: Become a fan of Say It On the Wall on Facebook, follow the Say It On the Wall blog, and/or visit the site and say what you would buy. Put a separate comment for each entry in the comment section of this post and the winner will be picked through in one week!

{PS- Say It On the Wall has a "New Product of the Week" Promotion, where every Monday morning Laura opens it up on Facebook for people to guess what the new product of the week is.  Around 1:30 Pacific Time, she posts the new product on her website and the person that guesses the closest gets a $5.00 gift certificate. Then that new product will be 40% off for everyone for the entire week with promo code! This week it's Pilgrim Hat Placemarkers for your Thanksgiving table. (Lift up the hat and find after-dinner mints!) 

So cute! Go check it out!}