Thursday, December 30, 2010

2nd version of New Year's 'Keep Calm' printable

Here is printable #2. I am going for a winter/icy color scheme. :) For printable #1 in the New Year's set, go HERE.

Feel free to download it! It's an 8x10 image and if you click on it twice you'll get it at full-resolution. Then right-click and save and it's yours! It will be available for free for a week, and then afterwards for purchase in my etsy shop! Click on over there if you're interested in personalized versions of the 'Keep Calm' signs as well! :)

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free New Year's 'Keep Calm' Printable

I'm getting ready to take down my Christmas versions of the 'Keep Calm' prints *sniff sniff* and so some New Year's ones are in order! Here is the first of the three! :)

Feel free to download it for yourself as well! It's an 8x10 image and if you click on it twice you'll get it at full-resolution. Then right-click and save and it's yours! It will be available for free for a week, and then afterwards for purchase in my etsy shop! Click on over there if you're interested in personalized versions of the 'Keep Calm' signs as well! :)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Side-Table Building Tutorial by Not JUST a Housewife

Please welcome a guest-poster for today... STACY!

Hi! I am Stacy from Not JUST A Housewife and I am so happy to be here guest-posting on Craftily Ever After :) One of the things I love to do is build furniture. Today I am going to show you how to build a simple side table.

I bought a board that measured 18" by 36". I measured and then drew a line down the middle so I would have 2 table tops measuring 18" by 18". You obviously only need one, but I was planning on making a bunch for my esty store. I used a jig saw to cut the wood.

Then I used 1"x4" boards for the front. I wanted there to be a 1 inch lip or overhang so I measured and cut 2 boards 16 inches long. That is one inch taken off for each side.

Then, since 2 of the boards will go inside the other two boards to form a box, you need to subtract the width of 2 boards together. In this case, 1 1/2 inches. So the second 2 boards I cut were 14 1/2 inches.

Do you see how 2 of the 1x4s fit inside the other 2? That is why 2 needed to be shorter.

Add a little wood glue and then use a brad nail gun.

The next step is to determine how high you want your table. I wanted mine 2 feet tall. I cut some 2"x2"s for the legs. Add some wood glue and then nail them into the corners of your box. It is very important to make sure it is flat before nailing on the legs. If the legs are not flush with the top of the box then your table top will not lay flat on your base.

Your base is almost done :) You just need to add some 1"x1" to help hold the top on. Measure in between the legs and then cut your 1x1 that size.

Add some glue and nails. Do this all the way around the base - all four sides.

Then add glue to the top of the base, flip it over onto the table top, and nail through the 1x1. This will attach the top to the base.

You will need to fill the nail holes with putty. Pick one that is sandable so you can sand it smooth when it dries. I HIGHLY recommend Elmers stainable, paintable and sandable wood putty. Not only do I sand where I added putty, but I sand the whole thing. Especially the edges and corners. I try to round them a little. Use a fine grit sand paper or you will end up with lines (scratch marks) in your wood.

I painted mine and then (this is optional) sanded it to give it that shabby chic look. I love that! You can see it a little in the close-up shots. It looks better in person, but you get the idea :)

You could use it as a bedside table, in a kid's room, next to a sofa, as a plant stand, or pretty much anywhere! Thank you Jessica for letting me share this today! Come visit me at my blog anytime for more ideas.

I am VERY impressed at this furniture-making business! Cutting wood, nail guns, putty- all of that is out of my comfort zone but this tutorial makes me think maybe I should try it! I could use some extra cute (and cheap!) tables around my house! (And don't you love the color she painted hers?!) Thanks for the tutorial Stacy! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day with family and friends! From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

PB-Inspired Christmas Card Holder

*NOTE! If you left a comment but haven't received the Christmas Subway Art from me yet, please email me directly at . I've sent out all I could, but some people forgot to leave an address, and some addresses were refused by the Mail Delivery System! :) *

I love the idea of making wall-art from your Christmas cards. Since all of mine were sitting in a stack not being admired, I decided to try my hand at displaying them. I saw this picture from Pottery Barn a while back and liked it.

I started with some old unwanted art of my husband's. The frame was ugly and the picture inside didn't lay flat. (I can not do one thing without Annalise hovering over me- she is quite the busybody. Hence, she is in my picture, in pajamas, one church shoe, and blowing a snot bubble.)

Soon enough, it looked great though!

All I did was remove the glass and spray paint it (don't tell my husband- I may or may not be having an affair with Rustoleum's 'Heirloom White')

and hot-glued dollar-store twine across the back of it. I swiped some dollar-store poinsettias and a little dollar-store bird off my Christmas tree and attached them with pop-dots to the frame to make it look Christmas-y.

As I was looking for my box of clothes-pins to spray paint silver and hang the pictures with, I ran across my box of silver clips I use to make Annalise's hair bows. Even better! So I used those instead. This project cost me a grand total of NOTHING! I had it all around the house. :)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Clay Pot Nativity

This week for Scouts, we had the boys work on their 'Artist' badge by making a little Christmas nativity. My partner had been given a gift of a nativity made from simple clay pots and wooden beads so we used that for an inspiration. We went from this... this!

First we painted the heads and pots,

and then painted (and re-painted) on the little faces and hot-glued the heads on the Mary and Joseph bodies. I used the wrong end of my paintbrush to dot the eyes on. I had to re-do it a few times until I was satisfied. This picture shows one of the very UN-satisfying versions.

I hot-glued scraps of burlap to their heads,

and now possess my very-first Nativity!

Isn't the little Jesus-bead so cute?!? He's plopped in his manger atop some of that crinkly paper from the dollar store.

So cheap and easy! (I think I say that at the end of every post!) :)

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

50-Cent Ornament Art!

Did you guys see these chic little reindeer ornaments
at the dollar store this season?? Two for a buck!

I plopped one on the tree and paired the other with a piece of scrapbook paper and a frame. Who doesn't have that around the house?? And I got some cute little $0.50 ornament art!

I put the paper inside the frame, but attached the reindeer to the outside of the glass with two tiny dots of hot glue. When the season is over I'll be able to easily pluck him off the glass and re-use the frame.

Super simple, super cheap! YESSSS!!!