Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Spring (Easter!) Printable

I am woefully behind in changing out my holiday decor but having two kids is getting the best of me. Seriously. Things like decorating are a far way down the daily to-do list. It was snowing again this morning (what the???) so I decided it was VERY important to improve my mood with a little spring-y cheeriness. You know, to pretend like it's spring-time outside. I browsed online a bit, having an idea of the look that I wanted (silhouette, bunny, burlap) but not finding it. So I made one myself!

I needed something that would last past Easter (because I am just now taking down my Valentine stuff!) so this is specifically a "spring" printable. :)

A nice little spring vignette brightened my mood considerably! You are welcome to it too! You can download it HERE. :)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas cards

We didn't want to pay someone to take our Christmas card pictures this year, especially since I knew neither little daughter would cooperate! I had to be creative to think of something where I didn't need to rely on a two-year-old or a newborn to cooperate! We don't have a tripod, so I set the camera to 'timer' and put in on the backyard BBQ. I used an idea I saw of an engagement picture where the couple held Polaroid photos of themselves. It turned out nicely! :)

Then I designed the card in Photoshop and had it printed through Costco.

What do you guys do for Christmas cards?