Thursday, January 27, 2011


1. The winner of the Classy Cosmetics giveaway is Jacqueline of Wingledings! Please contact me to collect your prize! (I don't know how to get ahold of you because there is no email address in your profile and your blog doesn't have comments enabled! :) )

2. My husband turned off the computer in the middle of the "system" I had going for emailing people the Valentine Subway Art listing so I know a few people who posted about it still don't have it yet (but I don't know who)! Please email me at and I will send it to you.

3. A lot of people asked if they could still have the Subway Art even if they didn't have a blog and the answer is YES! It's available in my Etsy shop- just select the 'Personalized Subway Art' listing and tell me in the notes you would like the Valentine version.

4. I am pregnant! Which I write with an exclamation point to try to feel excited about it but really all I feel is ridiculously miserably incapacitatingly nauseous. Like out-of-this-world sick day and night and even in the middle of the night so I haven't been near the computer which is why my responses have been slow or non-existent. I'm sorry! Please bear with me and hopefully I will feel human again soon. My poor husband has been having to take off work to take care of Annalise while I spend my days writhing about on the couch and crying. Prayers/good-wishes/loads-of-pity gratefully accepted. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Valentine's Day Subway Art Printable

I have been sick sick sick but I managed to carve out some time from my busy schedule of moaning on the couch to design some printable Valentine Subway Art!

(Felt Rosette Decor Balls tutorial HERE)

This 8x10 printable is available in my Etsy shop, or if you would like to have it for free (!) please write a post about it on your blog, linking back here so that your friends can know about it too! In the comments, leave me your email address and the link to your blog post and I'll email you the image!

(You might notice that my version is personalized with 'Dave &Jessica' which will be substituted with 'red & white' for everyone else!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Felt Rosette Decor Balls

I love candlesticks, but I hate putting candles on them- too boring. So inspired by Eighteen25 who was inspired by The Idea Room who was inspired by Design Sponge who was inspired by a designer on Etsy (see how inspiration spreads?!), I decided to make some rosette decor balls to adorn the tops of my candlesticks for Valentine's Day!

I used a pack of small styrofoam balls from the dollar store, some pins, and a yard of red felt from Joann's ($2.99 with coupon and it was WAY more than I needed- a quarter of a yard would probably suffice for two balls).

I traced one of those kid's cups from Ikea (I LOVE those cups!) that is approximately three inches across onto the felt about thirty times per ball...

...and cut them out just inside the lines so the ink wouldn't show.

I folded the circles in half,

and in half again so they looked like triangles.

I stuck a pin through the tip of the triangle, making sure to pierce through all the layers.

Then I stabbed it into the ball!

I continued pinning the circles into each ball,

until they were all filled in.

Tracing and cutting the circles was tedious, but pinning them- wow! So much fun! That part was strangely satisfying. :) I have absolutely no other Valentine decorations so I really have to get to work!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Classy Cosmetics Giveaway!

Okay, I have a funny story. Which leads to a great giveaway for you so bear with me!

Now, who doesn't love makeup? I luuuuuuhve make-up but have always been just average when it comes to my application techniques. A couple of years ago, an old roommate of mine posted a link to her friend's make-up tips blog, Classy Cosmetics. She really raved about it so I clicked on over. AND FELL IN LOVE. Jenni was adorable, stylish, perky, and a GENIUS when it came to make-up. And her blog had advice and tips and video tutorials for every kind of look you could ever imagine. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. Finally I was grasping why the professionals looked so much better than I did! You can spend all the money you want on product (and I had) but if you don't know how to put it on right, what's the point?

I was in heaven. I took studious notes in a tiny notebook. I wrote down all the brushes Jenni recommended and what they were used for. I made shopping lists for the best basic colors in eye shadows and lip liners. I watched the tutorials intently (a few every day) trying to sear the knowledge into my brain. Of course I called my friends and told them all about the fabulous new blog I'd found. They were all excited. A group of us decided to get together the following weekend to have a "Classy-Cosmetics" party, where we would bring our make-up and watch the blog-tutorials and learn how to transform ourselves into make-up artists and beauty-queens.

You might imagine my shock when in church the next day, a new girl stood up to introduce herself. IT WAS JENNI FROM CLASSY COSMETICS. I'm not kidding. This story is true and it was astounding. (And she came to our party and not only did we get to see the tutorials IN REAL LIFE but she gave us all makeovers!!!) Jenni and I became good friends and this is where it gets good for you. In addition to your good luck that I am pointing you in the direction of this blog, Jenni is also offering Craftily Ever After followers a free ULTA-brand 108-piece makeup set! Sold individually the contents of this kit are valued at $200!


There are GrEaT colors in it and all are highly pigmented. All you have to do is be a public follower of Craftily Ever After (click the 'Follow' button in the upper right sidebar if you aren't already) and leave a comment telling me you are. For another entry, visit Classy Cosmetics, become a follower over there, and leave me another comment telling me you did. This collection includes:
60 eye shadows
24 baked eye shadows*
8 eye liner pencils
6 cosmetics brushes
5 cream eye liners
4 liquid eyeliners
Mirror and Makeup artist travel case

 *Baked shadows are pressed and are literally baked. It can go on both wet and dry and is more dramatic wet. It usually has more than one color swirled into one and you can create lots of different effects.

This giveaway will be open for a week, at which time I will pick a winner via! A note from Jenni: Good luck and remember makeup is supposed to be fun, inspiring, creative and you! It doesn't come overnight so practice and enjoy the journey!!!

*** For something really hilarious, go to this post on Jenni's blog and see a little hair-removal video tutorial I did for her blog 2 years ago! Very embarrassing and yet... the product is rad. :) ****

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mod-Podged Baby Plaque

My good friend is in the hospital TONIGHT having her sweet baby girl (!!!) and I recently had the pleasure of window-shopping through expensive baby stores with her where I got to see what she liked. Turns out she loves plaques and wooden signs that say 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight'. This was her favorite version:

The problem though, was that it was pink and brown and vintage-y, and her nursery is red and sky-blue and modern. Also you might notice the $48.00 price tag stuck to it (also a problem). I was secretly giddy with excitement because I knew I could come up with something perfect for her!!

This is my version!

I started with an 11x11 plaque from Michaels, regularly $8.99, but $4.49 with my coupon. (A certain grabby gal wanted to hold it once I laid it down to take a picture of it.)

I designed the image in Photoshop to fit the roughly 10 1/2 inch plaque-top and had it printed as a 12x12 photo from Costco. Then I painted the edges,

trimmed off the photo's excess,

and Mod Podged it on!


(In its real home it won't have a pink wall in the background.)

I wouldn't have thought I'd like red and sky-blue so much for a girl but I think it turned out lovely! If you would like to make one for yourself, feel free to download the image! (And if you'd like it in a different color or with a different quote, feel free to check out my Etsy site!) :)

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

3rd New Year's 'Keep Calm' Printable

Here's the third one to complete the set! I'm thinking I'll hang them and leave them up until Valentine's decorations take over. :)

Feel free to download it for yourself! It's an 8x10 image and if you click on it twice you'll get it at full-resolution. Then right-click and save and it's yours! It will be available for free for a week, and then afterwards for purchase in my etsy shop! Click on over there if you're interested in personalized versions of the 'Keep Calm' signs as well! :)

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