Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Customized Water Bottle Labels

Annalise turned two yesterday! The theme of her birthday party was RAINBOWS!

One of my favorite things to do for parties is customized water bottle labels. You can buy vinyl waterproof labels to print on that are over a buck apiece, or you can make them for free if you have clear packing tape and some paper! I think they add such a cute touch. I designed mine in Photoshop and printed them out, but you could use scrapbook paper and stamps or stickers, or a simpler program like Word too. This time I used Aquafina bottles, but usually I go with the Kirkland brand of water bottles from Costco. Any brand would work and the labels are generally about 8 inches long. I printed out my labels on plain printer paper and sliced them apart.

In my opinion, the key to making the labels look good on the bottle is having them appear shiny and vinyl-like, the way the real ones are. To achieve that effect, I use a technique I learned years ago- clear packing tape! It is 2 inches thick, so I made my labels a bit thinner than two inches, so the tape can extend beyond them all the way around. I laid out the tape and put each label face-down on top of it.

Accidental ripples or bubbles can be easily smoothed out with your fingers. You can see that the label is a little less wide than the tape, which allows it to stick to the bottle all the way around.

Much better!


And I like to add "nutrition" facts and bar codes to make them look more authentic. :)

More Rainbow Party details to come! :)


  1. Oh my gosh... just how CUTE are these???? :)

  2. i LOVE this! you don't happen to have a printable of this by any chance do you...? pretty pretty please? or a jpeg of the image? or something? (can you tell i'm feeling a little desperate for quick and easy but adorable birthday goodies over here?!)

  3. So cute! Using clear packing tape to make them waterproof is just genius.

  4. I love this!!!!I agree do you have something prinatable or what dimensions are you using in your photoshop program when you make these ? Thanks so much for sharing this idea, I pined it on!

  5. Great Idea! Can't wait to try for my next project! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Just darling - I wish we could have had the ability to do this when my kids were little.

  7. Hej hej!

    Tack för din fina kommentar. Haha, nä L'et behåller jag nog tyvärr själv men skulle jag ändra mig så vet jag ju vart jag hittar dig. :) Det är faktiskt en gammal skyltbokstav från när WILLYS bytte skyltar.

    Du är verkligen kreativ! Ska titta runt lite mer här nu.

    Fin fredag till dig!

  8. What could be more fun than a customized water bottle. Thanks for sharing this clever idea.

  9. OM goodness!!! so very cute! I have 2 precious granddaughters, almost 3 and 18 months and another granddaughter on the way! How I would love to help my daughter &/or daughter-in-law have a rainbow birthday part for one or all of the girls. thanks for sharing, you are great.

  10. how did you print the custom nutrition guide? did you use photo shop? thanks for a great idea- i shared your blog with my facebook friends...

  11. OMG - love the nutrition facts! So adorable! Thanks for the packing tape tip - why didn't I think of that?!

  12. What a darling birthday party! I love it!
    I know this is so late, but I've been trying to leave a comment about your Christmas Subway Art from last year forever. For some reason, it won't post. I would be forever grateful if you would send it to me.
    Thank you so much! Congratulations on a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl :)

  13. I would love more details on how to make the nutritional facts...

  14. Oh my I dont know what is cuter, that cat or the rainbow puff decorations. awesome job.


  15. That's a great tip! i will try it next time I am making water bottle labels.

  16. wow. this is so wonderful that it made me smile. have a nice day!

  17. This post takes me back to my now 22 year old's 2nd rainbow birthday party back in the day when parties were really homemade but so much fun. We had a rainbow scavenger hunt, rainbow pinata, rainbow cake, rainbow party favors - everything ROYGBIV. I'm glad One Pretty Thing brought me to your blog today so I could spend a few moments looking back (seems like yesterday).

  18. This is so amazingly amazing :) Love the nail polish and the twizzlers and the way you worked in the veggies...lucky little kiddo you've got!

  19. Could you send me these labels. I am doing a rainbow birthday party for my daugher!
    Thank you very much,

  20. Hi, love your work!! so any chance do you giveaway/sell them(invitation/labels/etc). my daughter's birthday just around the corner so looking forward for your reply. Thanks a million!!

  21. :-) Thank you, my "melted snowman" water bottles were a hit at the bake sale and easy-breezey thanks to you.

  22. “…the key to making the labels look good on the bottle is having them appear shiny and vinyl-like…” That is right! This is a secret to have an eye-catching bottle label. Also, make sure you add some creative colorful icons or drawings that would suit the theme. This is such a pretty cool idea for your daughter’s birthday.

  23. The label looks attractive. I guess your visitors loved it! I think I can try this one for the first birthday of my newborn next month. I’ll be doing some souvenirs so I guess this can be a good idea to add. What do you think? :)

  24. how did you add the nutrition facts and bar code? please email me.
    ' Thank you

  25. Hi. Love this idea! I'm doing a rainbow-themed birthday party for my daughter next month (she's turning three) and I would love to make these. However, I searched everywhere for the nutrition facts labels and I couldn't find them. Is there anyway you can email them to me or upload them on your site for me to download? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

  26. Wow!! ultimate post...i appreciate you for doing this trick with water bottles labels. By changing their labels put your printed label is show that how you love your children Jessica and do anything for make their day precious and memorable. At last I just want to say on thing about this post great example of mom love with his children. I definitely share this with my parents also.

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  29. I'd love a copy of this template for my LO's bday party if you're willing to share it :) Thanks so much!!

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