Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Swap with Lil Luna!

I am so very happy to be blog-swapping with Kristyn from Lil Luna! It's so fun to find another crafter whose style you like so much and I love hers! We are Bloggy-BFFs so enjoy her tutorial here and then go check out her blog today to see my tutorial for Pottery-Barn inspired 'Noel' wall art!

Hi there Craftily Ever After readers!!
My name is Kristyn, and I blog over at Lil' Luna.I'm so happy to be here today.I Love Jessica, and I LOVE all that she does.She's amazing!!! We've become Bloggin' Buddies and
decided it would be fun to do a swap!
Today, I will be showing you how to make an EASY, INEXPENSIVE, and FUN Christmas Centerpiece.I made a similar one for Halloween and knew I'd have to make one for Christmas because they're so whimsical and easy!

Here is what you'll need:

- Box/Vase/Cart to use as Centerpiece Base
-Floral Foam (Found at the Dollar Store)
-Paper Shred(Found at the Dollar Store)
-Foam Brush
-Scrapbook Paper
-Hot Glue


1. Begin by picking out your Centerpiece box. I just bought one for a buck at my local grocery store and painted it red. I also cut some vinyl dots and added them to the box, just because I am OBSESSED with polka dots! :)

2. Put two strips together and fold back and forth until you are all the way through. Then, hot glue the two ends together as well as the other ends so it makes a circle.

3. Push edges of strips IN to make an accordion flower. Hot glue center and hold, and do the same on back. For another tutorial on these flowers, I used one HERE.

4. Paint skewers the desired color you'd like and let dry. I stuck mine into the floral foam to dry.

5. I wanted to add a little something to the skewers, so I cut out .2 inch white strips of vinyl and twisted them along the skewer. My hubby is super smart and suggested I stick them in his drill, turn it on, and let the drill do the twisting. It takes seconds (isn't he smart?).
(And don't look at my nasty glue gun - the poor thing has been my right hand man through thick and thin - ha!)

6. Add buttons or other embellishments to your flowers. I also added some scrapbook embellishments I found at Joann's with some vintage Santa Claus pics as well as some scalloped circle punches I made.

7. Hot glue skewers to backs of flowers. I also cut out a 1 inch circle to add to the backs to cover the ugly

8. Stick skewers through the moss and foam into your base and arrange as desired.

Voila!! A super cute and easy centerpiece. I had most the supplies at home, but with the box, paper, and everything else you could make this for about $7 or less.

Thanks, Jessica, for letting me take over for the day, and thanks for all the fun inspiration you have on your blog!

Thanks so much Kristyn for showing us this awesome centerpiece! I LOVE accordion flowers and your arrangement is just fabulous!!


  1. Lovely! I think I have some of those exact papers, stickers etc.

  2. ADORABLE! Very cute project. Great Holiday decoration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow I just stumbled across your blog and it is amazing! I so need help with crafty stuff. I don't have one creative bone in my body :( Awesome ideas thanks for blogging

  4. That is absolutely adorable! I love polka dots too :)


  5. Love those accordion flowers! What a fun project to try!

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